With much anticipation The Met Breuer will open its doors to the public in the former Upper East Side home of the Whitney Museum on March 18th. The landmarked building designed by architect Marcel Breuer in 1966 will provide additional space for the Metropolitan Museum of Art to highlight modern and contemporary art exhibitions that showcase the full-range of the Museum’s collection, as well as new commissions and performances. Yesterday, Untapped Cities got a sneak-peek in the renovated space. Here’s what you will find when you enter The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s expanded space.

Lobby Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe Met Breuer opened for the press on March 1. Above is the new lobby

The newly renovated entry to Met Breuer includes a lobby-studio by resident artist Vijay Iyer. He will be performing live from March 18th to 31st, throughout each day, with solo performances and with other musicians. In between performances, he has created a sound installation titled Fit (The Battle of Jericho) that will activate in between live performances. The lobby level will also include a book bar, with a lower-level restaurant and outdoor garden area.

2nd Fl Nasreen Mohamedi Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe work of Naseem Mohamedi on the second floor of the Met Breuer

The second floor features an exhibit showcasing Indian artist Nasreen Mohamedi (1937-1990), one of the first Indian artists to embrace abstraction. Her work, along with a display of her diaries, will be on view from March 18th through June 5th, 2016.

2nd Fl Untapped Cities Met Breuer AFineLyneSecond floor, a maze of rooms separated by movable walls, that guide you through the exhibit

2nd Fl Met Breuer AFineLyne Untapped Cities AFineLyneMovable walls, leading in three directions found on the second floor

1-Nasreen Mohamedi Diaries 2nd Fl Untapped Cities AFineLyneDiaries of Nasreen Mohamedi, used to record her observations and document her working principles

2nd Fl Reading Room Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneA second floor open reading room located in a windowed area

The third floor opens to Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible, which examines the question of when a work of art is finished. The exhibition, which examines the term “unfinished,” is composed of over 190 works dating from the Renaissance to present day. Forty percent of the work is drawn from The Met’s own collection. Viewers will see unfinished pieces by Rembrandt, Turner, Cézanne, to name just a few. The works fall into two categories – works of art that were simply unfinished by the artist, and works that were unfinished due to accident or death. Still, the question emerges – when is a work of art finished? Along with that, you may ask, to what extent does an artist have latitude in making this decision?

Barocci 3rd fl Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneAll eyes on an unfinished Federico Barocci entitled “The Assumption of the Virgin” c.1612

3rd fl Unfinished Thoughts Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneEnter on the third floor, with the exhibit entitled ‘Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible’

3rd fl Untapped Cities AFineLyne Met Breuer

El Greco 3rd Fl Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneEl Greco, ‘The Vision of Saint John’ c.1608-14

3rd Fl Klimpt Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneAlberto Giacometti ‘Annette’ c.1960 on left; Gustav Klimt ‘Posthumous Portrait of Ria Munk III’ c.1917-18 in the back

Continuing with the theme, “unfinished,” the paintings below by Alice Neel reflect the different communities in Manhattan in the 1960s and 1970s, during the Vietnam War. Ms. Neel, who lived and worked in New York at the time, met James Hunter right before he was drafted. She asked him to sit for a portrait, which he did, but he never returned for his second sitting. Ms. Neel declared the work complete – in its unfinished state (shown below).

3rd Fl Alice Neel Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneAlice Neel’s ‘James Hunter Black Draftee’ c. 1965, center

The fourth floor includes unfinished sculpture work in marble, bronze, sand, painted wood,and other materials, again – surrounded by works of art that include Brecht, Lichtenstein, Picasso, Kerry James Marshall, and many others.

4th fl Picasso - Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneContinuing with the theme of ‘unfinished’, a Picasso on view on the third floor

1-Unfinished Sculptures 4th Fl Met Breuer - Untapped Cities AFineLyneFourth floor, ‘Definitively Unfinished Sculpture’

Basquiat 4th Fl Untapped Cities AFineLyneNext to one of the few windows, Jean-Michel Basquiat, ‘Piscine Versus the Best Hotels (or Various Loin), 1982. Fourth floor

Kerry James Marshall Met Breuer Untapped Cities 4th Fl AFineLyneThe artist, Kerry James Marshall, ‘Untitled’ 2009. Mr. Marshall was a speaker at the press conference

4th fl Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneSol LeWitt, ‘Incomplete Open Cubes’ 1974/1982, on the fourth floor

4th Fl Mirrors & Shelly Sand Met Breuer Untapped Cities Robert Smithson AFineLyneRobert Smithson, ‘Mirrors and Shelly Sand’ 1969-70, Fifty mirrors, back to back along with beach sand, shells, pebbles

4th fl Lichtenstein Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneGeorge Brecht, ‘Repository’ 1961 at left; Roy Lichtenstein, ‘Bellagio Hotel Mural: Still Life with Reclining Nude (Study), 1997, right

Bruce Nauman 4th Fl Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneBruce Nauman, ‘Andrew Head/Andrew Head Reversed, Nose to Nose, 1990

1-Urs Fischer 4th Fl Met Breuer Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe Swiss artist, Urs Fischer’s cast bronze, oil paint, palladium leaf, clay, chalk gesso, rabbit-skin glue

Cy Twombly Met Breuer 4th Fl Untapped Cities AFineLyneIn a section of its own, on the fourth floor, Cy Twombly’s ‘Untitled 1-v1 (Green Paintings) 1986

The fifth floor will be the home of a Blue Bottle Coffee Bar, and a Phaeton x The Met Bookstore. The inaugural weekend, March 18th to 20th, will be a celebration of the Museum’s three locations. Connecting visitors to the Met Fifth Avenue and Met Breuer is a downloadable, two-part sound walk by composer John Luther Adams, aptly named 9:09, which is the time it will take you to walk the eight-blocks from Met Fifth Avenue to Met Breuer.

4th Fl Unfinished Sculptures Met Breuer AFineLyne Untapped CitiesUnfinished sculptures, surrounded by paintings by de Kooning, Dumas, Basquiat and many more

Met Breuer has future programming to look forward to this summer and through the fall, including rarely seen early photographs by Diane Arbus, which were taken on the streets of New York City between 1956-62, which is an exhibit scheduled for July. In October, viewers will see a mid-career retrospective of the painter Kerry James Marshall, and newly commissioned architectural photographs of four Marcel Breuer buildings will be on exhibit in November. The Met Breuer will open to the public on March 18, located at 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street.

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