The superheroes of the comic book universes live and fight crime all over the world, many of them in fictional cities. But there are a few notable ones who call New York City home, and those who may not have been born there but have a story line there. It is important to note that many fictional cities in comics are generally modeled after New York. The most prominent example is Gotham City. Given that New York was given the moniker Gotham, we’ve decided to include some of the superheroes of Gotham to this list. So, here is a list of come of New York City’s most famous superheroes who call the city home.

1. Captain America

Steve Rogers may be one of Marvel’s most iconic comic book characters, but as his character in the popular movie with Chris Evans likes to say “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.” Roger’s grew up in New York during the Great Depression. Appalled by Nazi actions in World War II, he, tried to enlist in the army to fight, but was continually denied due to his exceptionally scrawny physique. Eventually Rogers underwent a chemical procedure in which he would turn him into Captain America just in time to fight the Nazis. He became the literal embodiment of American ideals of justice, liberty, and spirit.

Years later, Captain America would join Marvel’s supergroup of heroes, the Avengers. The character, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, made his first appearance in March 1941 in the Captain America Comics #1. Lately, Captain America has been re-popularized through new franchise of movies.