Masstransiscope is one of those great serendipitous surprises to brighten up your commute, plus it’s located in an abandoned subway station in Brooklyn. Installed by Arts for Transit in 1980, the piece by Bill Brand works like a giant zoetrope – a cartoon that comes to life through the movement of the subway. Zoetrope is located in the decommissioned Myrtle Avenue subway station, which used to be a stop on the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit line between Manhattan Bridge and DeKalb Avenue. 

Launching our new video series, produced by Untapped Cities contributor Gordonstudio, we’re taking you into this unique piece of art that was most recently rehabilitated in 2013. You can see the art piece for yourself by riding the Q train from the Dekalb station towards Manhattan and look out the window of the side you entered the train. 

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