4. There’s a Stone from the Battlefield of Gettysburg in the Armory

63-Park Slope Armory-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped Cities_71

On the front facade of the Park Slope Armory along 8th Avenue is a stone from the battlefield of Gettysburg. The 14th was the only regiment that fought in all three days of the battle in Pennsylvania. The darker slate-colored stone is engraved with the words “Gettsyburg. ‘All of which I saw, part of which I was.’ This stone from the battlefield of Gettysburg presented by the Fourteenth Regiment War Veterans. 1894.”

The 14th Regiment of the New York State Militia distinguished itself earlier in the Civil War as well and were dubbed “The Red-Legged Devils” (because of their fire red pants) in the First Battle of Bull Run by Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson, who reportedly said to his troops, “Hold On Boys! Here come those red legged devils again!”