5. There Will Be 42,963 Shrubs at The Hills

The Hills-Governors Island-Construction-Views-Lookout Hill-Slide Hill-Governors Island Trust-NYC_2

For Hammock Grove, 15,000 trees were planted and fill brought in from upstate to form the landscape. In contrast, The Hills will have 42,963 planted shrubs in five different types of topsoil and 860 new trees. According to the Governors Island Trust, “There are 9,000 perennials, grasses and ground covers representing 28 species and varieties. The Hills alone will have 29 species and varieties of deciduous trees, 5 species and varieties of evergreens, and 20 species and varieties of shrubs and vines.”

All in all, there’s a very natural, landscape feel to this part of the island that you’ll experience on a visit here.