4. Nicola Tesla Lived and Died in a Room in the New Yorker Hotel

From 1933 until his death a decade later, Nikola Tesla lived in rooms 3327 and 3328, on the 33rd floor of The New Yorker Hotel. The room itself has been renovated (you can see photos of it in an earlier state on the Tesla society website). Kinney believes Tesla chose to live in the New Yorker Hotel precisely for its technological advancements, despite its use of direct current (DC).

As The New Yorker recounts, Tesla died penniless, having failed to capitalize on his revolutionary discoveries. But today, he has his legions of followers who make the trek to rooms 3327 and 3328. Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, Secretary General of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York writes that Tesla relocated to The New Yorker from the Waldorf-Astoria.