8. 28 West Lake Street (Skaneateles)

What to know:
Circa 1850
Address: 28 West Lake Street, Skaneateles, New York, 13152
Price: $1,950,000
Style: Gothic Revival

Architect Alexander Jackson Davis, named one of America’s most notable architects by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is the mastermind behind this beautiful, single-family home, which was designed for Reuel Smith, a partner in a New York City shipping firm. A.J. Davis, who was known for his “country” homes, drew inspiration from the Gothic Revival style and incorporated elements such as peaks and verandas into this specific house.

For years, the home remained under the ownership of the Smith family until it was sold in 1975 to Robert and Shirley Feldmann, who have worked to preserve and restore the home. It is currently on the National Register of Historic Places. Skaneateles is one of the Finger Lakes, smaller than its more famous counterparts but with a quaint town center, bustling culinary scene, and an increasing wine, cider and beer business along its shores.