9. The Keys to Get Inside Gramercy Park Cost $350

To enter Gramercy Park, you’ll need a numbered and coded key. Roughly 400 are in circulation, but as The New York Times points out, they are very hard, if not impossible, to copy. Even if you do manage to nab a key, the locks change every year, so your best bet is to make friends with a nearby resident who lives in one of the 39 select buildings surrounding the park. These buildings pay a yearly fee to maintain the grounds, and two keys, managed by doormen, are allocated to each; they must be signed out by residents, but key holders can invite up to five guests in the park at a time.

Your other option is to rent a room at the Gramercy Park Hotel, which offers keys to its guests. Just keep in mind it’ll cost you a hefty sum ($400 per night), and you’ll be out $1,000 if you need to replace a key.