ample-hills-brooklyn-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-ice-cream-flavors-madam-president-make-america-orange-again-nycPhotograph by Claire Baumann

As the 2016 Election Day draws near and tensions rise, Gowanus-based ice cream hotspot Ample Hills offers a humorous and delicious reprieve (and a fun party favor to bring to any Election get togethers). The Scoop the Vote 4 Pack offers the “Madam President” and “Make American Orange Again” flavors. Revealing its political preference, Ample Hills makes it easy to guess which one belongs to which candidate.

The Make American Orange Again flavor comes with a warning: “May contain bluster, hot air and bricks. Orange* marshmallow ice cream with brownie bricks.” The orange is of course “artificially colored.” The Madam President is “made with sugar and spice and women’s rights. Chili pepper chocolate ice cream with Hillary’s own oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.” It’s “Both powerful and comforting.”

Regardless of which flavor you choose, a portion of proceeds from all election flavor ice creams go to Michelle Obama’s organization Let Girls Learn. You can order the pack online or just get scoops in the store.

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