citywide-ferry-by-hornblower-horizion-nyc-untapped-cities2Horizon Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

We’ve been following the progress of New York City’s Citywide Ferry for some time now. A web portal went live in April, followed by renderings for the new ferry landings, which were released in May. Now, in the latest installment of the project (slated to be completed in Summer 2017), the NYCEDC and Hornblower recently toured two shipyards to check in on the vessels currently being constructed for the ferry system (see photos below).

Horizon Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

citywide-ferry-by-hornblower-horizion-nyc-untapped-cities1Horizon Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

If all goes according to plan, the first ferries are expected to be delivered to New York City in early 2017. According to a press release, eights boats are currently under construction at Horizon Shipyard in Alabama, while four are being built at Metal Shark in Louisiana. In total, the fleet – one of the largest commuter ferry operations in the United States – will be comprised of nineteen vessels operating at 21 landings across New York City.

metal-shark-shipyard-citywide-ferry-nyc-untapped-cities4 Metal Shark Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

With boarding room for bikes ($1 fee), strollers and wheelchairs, the 85-feet long aluminum vessels are each expected to carry 150 passengers. They will also feature heated decks and Wi-Fi accessibility, as well as an innovative engine and hull design to reduce emissions and maximize fuel efficiency.

Metal Shark Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

In total, the ferry is anticipated to make 4.6 million annual trips across six routes that will cover over 60 miles of waterway. For those who have taken the East River Ferry, some stops will be familiar, but there will also be additional stops, including Soundview in the Bronx, along the east side of Manhattan at 90th Street, 62nd Street, and Grand Street, in the Rockaways, in Bay Ridge, and two in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

metal-shark-shipyard-citywide-ferry-nyc-untapped-cities2 Metal Shark Shipyard. Image via Citywide Ferry

Once the East River Ferry is fully integrated into Citywide Ferry, passengers will only need to pay $2.75 (allows for free transfers) for a ride, a drop from the previous fare of $4.00. Moreover, tickets will also be available for purchase via our smartphones.

In the meantime, everything is running on schedule for its soon-to-come launch. For more information on Citywide Ferry, visit www.CitywideFerry.NYC.

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