One Wall Street, on the corner of Broadway, is one of those Art Deco skyscrapers that rival the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building but despite interior landmarking, has been closed off for much of its history. But like other skyscrapers in the Financial District, like 70 Pine and 20 Exchange Place, the building is undergoing conversion into residential and commercial, which will open up public access into the stunning lobby once more.

The New York Times has released a 360 video showing the interior of 1 Wall Street mid-renovation. You’ll see the floor to ceiling mosaics, a worker stripping a window ornament to prepare it for painting, and a visit to 1 Wall Street’s two-level observation room on the 47th floor. The ceiling of this room is “covered in shells from the Philippines” reports the Times. From the roof, views of New York harbor, 1 World Trade Center, 40 Wall Street70 Pine and 20 Exchange Place.

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