The art of magic and illusion has been written about for ages, dating back to the 16th century when the first book explaining magic tricks was published, and while the city of New York might not be as significant as other cities in Europe, it surely has given the world of magic its own personal history.  From Houdini’s most famous feats, to the founding of the first magic society, to some of the world’s most unique magic shops, New York City has quite a history and is loaded with places to visit for any fan of the art.

Check out five spots to visit on a quest to find some magic in New York City:

1. Tannen’s Magic Shop

Opening in 1925, Tannen’s Magic Shop is New York City’s longest running magic shop.  Although it has moved a few times since Louis Tannen first opened the magician’s playground, the store hasn’t lost sight of what his initial goal was: to help magicians, amateur and professional.  The small, personal store space holds many tricks from some of the world’s most famous magicians and is even home to some unique Houdini artifacts.

The store has a feeling of historical significance to it as you walk through the door. Even though it might not be the original location, it is still awe inspiring to know that the greatest magicians of the last hundred years have trusted that same company to buy their tricks and have wandered Tannen’s sales floor in search of quite possibly their next great idea.

While Tannen’s Magic Shop certainly has quite the history behind it, it isn’t only focused on the past.  To teach and inspire the next generation of magicians, Tannen’s holds a magic camp every year for young magicians between the ages of 11-20, and have even started giving away scholarships to attend!  Some of the graduates have gone on to be some of the most successful magicians of their time, like David Blaine, or Michael Carbonaro.