It’s been a four-year endeavor, but Adam Chang — a graphic designer and the founder of design firm Same Tomorrow — has completed the NY Train Project, which sought to illustrate all the mosaics of the New York City subway system. He began with Manhattan and then continued the project by completing a new borough each year: in 2015, he conquered the 157 stations of Brooklyn; knocked out 62 Bronx stations in 2016, and completed the remaining signs in Queens this year.

In describing the project, Chang writes “One day while waiting for the 6 train at the Bleecker stop, I began to notice the intricate details of the carefully placed tiles in the station sign. Which led me to noticing other station signs and how they were all different, infused with the personality of the neighborhood. I decided that I wanted to share this with others by creating an online gallery of subways stations in NYC, starting with Manhattan.” As before, each station comes with a fun fact on the website.

Chang tells us that the Second Avenue stops will be added in the future when the line is completely finished, but for now, the project is complete. He’s shared some of the illustrations with us here:

Jamaica-179th Street Station on the F line

Broad Channel station the S line, which Chang writes, “With fewer than 3,000 residents on the island, this station has the 2nd lowest ridership.”

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