The Coney Island Cyclone will have been a staple of Luna Park for 90 years this coming Sunday, June 25, 2017, and according to Luna Park site, “she’s ready to celebrate.” The celebration for the cyclone starts at noon featuring not only the ride but also entertainment by Brooklyn hip hop artist, FABOLOUS!, music from Power 105’s, DJ Will, Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Get a sneak peak here of what the Cyclone’s past holds with 10 of the secrets of the Coney Island Cyclone.

The below secrets provided by Untapped writer and tour guide Justin Rivers.

10. The Cyclone is Home to A World Record for a One-Man Marathon Ride

From the 2016 opening day of Luna Park.

Back in 1977, in honor of the Cyclone’s 50th Anniversary, a man named Richard Rodriguez set out to claim a world record. With 1,001 consecutive rides, Rodriguez rode the Cyclone for four days straight. For 30 years, this was the leading Guinness World Record for longest marathon coaster ride until it was broken by a man named Frank Rossler in 2006.

However, not to fear because in 2007, Rodriguez reclaimed the record that still stands today. Although he wouldn’t use the Cyclone to break the record this time, Rodriguez rode the Pepsi Max Big One and Big Dipper roller coasters at Pleasure Beach located in Blackpool, United Kingdom for 405 hours and 40 minutes– nine days and 12 hours.