3. Statues of “Miss Manhattan” and “Miss Brooklyn”

Downtown Brooklyn hosts the Brooklyn edge of the Manhattan Bridge. This area, often called RAMBO (Right Around the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), was recently graced by the presence of two imposing, quite literally statuesque women. The sculptures, named “Miss Manhattan” and “Miss Brooklyn,” were originally built in 1900 by the sculptor Daniel Chester French, and both were modeled after the famous Audrey Munson, who also provided the inspiration for “Beauty” at the New York Public Library and “Civic Fame” atop the Manhattan Municipal Building.

The statues were removed by Robert Moses in the 1960s and since then have remained in the Brooklyn Museum. In 2011, a $450,000 renovation project facilitated the creation of two exact replicas of the statues, which were installed by the sculptor Brian Tolle. The new sculptures are equipped with LED lights and rest atop a post, greeting visitors as they make the trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back.