3. Once Upon a Plaza in Times Square

Once Upon a Plaza, by artist Aman Mojadidi, is a timely, interactive installation addressing issues and concerns of immigration from fellow New Yorkers. According to the Pew Research Center, by the year 2065, one in three Americans will be an immigrant or will have grown up with immigrant parents. In the installation, Once Upon a Plaza, viewers are invited to step into one of three repurposed telephone booths, pick up the receiver and listen to personal stories — oral histories of immigrants living in New York. Written histories can be found in phone books attached to each booth, giving more information about the storytellers. in total, rhere are 70 different stories that last between two and 15 minutes.

Once Upon a Plaza was commissioned by and created in residence with Times Square Arts, and is located in Times Square at Duffy Square, 46th Street and Seventh Avenue. The installation will be on view until September 5, 2017.