9. There’s a YouTube Super-Studio Inside Chelsea Market

There is a certain drive and energy inside Chelsea Market, a sparkling current that seems to roam freely throughout the building. Part of this can be explained by the multitude of high-tech, multi-billion-dollar corporations that are housed inside the Market’s upper levels and hidden rooms.

One of the companies that has capitalized on the market’s prime space and location (by the Hudson River, in the midst of some of New York’s most luxurious shops and restaurants) is YouTube. The platform, which is owned by Google, receives over one billion visitors per day and streams over six billion hours of video per day. In Chelsea Market, YouTube has a 20,000-square-foot film studio for creators and innovators inside the market in 2014. The space can only be found by winding around an unremarkable corner near a coffee shop and taking a silver elevator (manned by a bouncer) up several flights (once also the way to pick up your Google Glasses). Once you get there you’ll find YouTube Space New York, one of the five spaces YouTube has opened worldwide in order to give their influential creators a luxury studio in which to film their content.

The New York studio features three sound stages, five editing stations, and even some rotating sets, including one that includes the original walls, phone booth, and cash register from legendary East Village rock venue CBGB. Creators can use the studio, which provides courses on things like audio mixing, production, and building a personal brand, if they have over 1,000 subscribers.