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With New York Comic-Con fast approaching on October 5th, nerds from all over the galaxy will be flocking to the city in waves to partake in one the most massive conventions in the United States. Attendance for the event reaches around 150,000 people each year, but New York City itself offers a wide variety of geeky things to do on a daily basis.

Here are the top 10 ways to celebrate New York Comic-Con in New York City:

10. Manhattan Barcade

Barcade is the perfect spot to socialize, game and wind down in or out of cosplay. The bar features dozens of retro games like Bust-A-Move and Mortal Kombat II that are hard to find to in the current climate of World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

The original Barcade was established in a former metal shop on Union Avenue in Williamsburg. Today, a chain of outposts can be found in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. The other two New York City barcades are located on West 24th Street in Chelsea and in St. Mark’s Place in The East Village.

If you’re looking for a blast from the past — with the included bonus of a bar — the Barcade is the place to go after you’ve visited all of the panels and gotten in as many photo ops you can. The bar will be closed Thursday night of Comic-Con and from 5:30-9:00 p.m. that Sunday, but it’s open to the public with normal hours for the rest of the dates.

9. New York Philharmonic Star Wars Film Concert Series

One of the most iconic components of Star Wars has always been John Williams’ beautifully crafted score. The first few seconds into the opening crawl sequence is recognizable by fans and casual viewers alike.

Luckily for Star Wars fans in New York City, there’s a rare opportunity to watch a Star Wars film as the New York Philharmonic plays the accompanying score. Prior performances have captivated audiences, and it’s easy to forget that there’s a full live orchestra in front of the screen instead of a recording.

This unique multimedia experience was previously arranged for A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and upcoming dates will feature Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The series ends its run on October 7th and tickets can be purchased on the New York Philharmonic website. The first couple hundred people to arrive receive free lightsabers and there are sithishly fun photo opportunities with several members of the Dark Side.

8. Gotham City Lounge in Manhattan

For New York Comic Con goers ready to hang up their Batman mask and enter a bar just as dark and mysterious as your favorite angsty superhero, the Gotham City Lounge in Brooklyn is the place to go.

Located on 1293 Myrtle Ave, the bar offers cheap drinks and is stockpiled with memorabilia from DC Comics. Patrons lovingly refer to the Gotham City Lounge as a dive bar and appreciate the themed events it has to offer.

7. Pasta Wiz in Brooklyn

When it was announced that a Harry Potter-themed pasta restaurant was opening up in Brooklyn, many people didn’t know what to expect as the combination seemed fairly strange. The original Pasta Wiz is located on 60 N. 1st Street, and Pasta Wiz Express recently opened in Greenwich Village.

Patrons expecting to step right into Hogwarts will be sorely disappointed as the decorations don’t replicate anything specific from the Harry Potter series. However, there are stacks of books, essences of wizarding and other nods to the boy who lived with the sorting hat. Pasta Wiz is great for wizards and witches who want to try out a plethora of healthy and unique pasta dishes, but aren’t quite ready for pumpkin pasties and mincemeat pies.

6. Puffs the Play in Hell’s Kitchen

Get “back to witches and wizards and magical beasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts!” If you’ve seen and loved A Very Potter Musical on YouTube, the off-broadway play, Puffs or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School for Magic and Magic should be at the top of your New York Comic-Con destination list.

The play centers around the often forgotten Hufflepuffs of the Harry Potter books. A playful, spoofy comedy, Puffs gets around any potential copyright issues with witty and vague references to the Potter series. Whether you’re a Puff or a snake, Puffs is a great place to witness seven years of forgotten Hufflepuff shenanigans in one jam-packed night. The production has been met with acclaimed reviews since it debuted at the People’s Improv Theater and moved to New World Stages for its current run. Puffs has 8 p.m. showings on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well as matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

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