Image via Pier55, Inc./Heatherwick Studio. Renderings by Luxigon.

In 2014, a brand new $250 million project that would bring a futuristic park, Pier 55, to the Hudson River was announced by IAC Chairman Barry Diller. But plagued by funding issues, the project was ceased in September 2017, as it buckled under financial stress and constant blockades constructed by New York real estate developer Douglas Durst. As of this past Wednesday, the Pier 55 project is back on.

Image via Pier55, Inc./Heatherwick Studio

Now, with the help of Governor Cuomo, the plans for the park, which include three performance venues, large green spaces, and an underground walkway, have risen from the grave in all their former glory. In a surprising turnaround, Diller has garnered the support of his previous enemy Douglas Durst in the construction of the park. This alliance is said to be mostly due to the involvement of Cuomo who pledge to finish the final 25% of the park and convinced Durst to drop his litigations. Cuomo plans to have the park finished by the end of his third term (assuming he is reelected, of course).

Pier 54

The park will convert the decaying Pier 54 into a state-of-the-art floating facility. Diller hopes the new pier will rival the High Line. While previous efforts to stop construction have focused on the environmental impact the park may have on the Hudson it is hoped that with the newfound support of Durst and Cuomo the park will continue with the utmost respect for the environment.

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