9. Xenobia Bailey’s “Funktional Vibrations” 2014

Funktional Vibrations (2015) © Xenobia Bailey, NYCT 34th Street-Hudson Yards Station. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design

Situated in the curved ceiling dome above the main entrance of the 34th Street-Hudson Yards subway station (7 Train) is a majestic, glass mosaic, created by artist Xenobia Bailey. Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design, the work, entitled Funktional Vibrations, features overlapping mandala-like circles and bands of color that are set against a cobalt blue background. Against the shiny, industrial aluminum of the new station, it offers a brilliant pop of color.

According to the MTA website, Bailey sees her working as “speaking to the universal idea of creation.” As a fiber artist, she primarily works in crochet and textiles. As such, Funktional Vibrations began as crocheted designs, which were transferred to digital images and later interpreted into handcrafted glass tiles by Miotto Mosaic Art Studio.