Photo by Scott Frances courtesy SPYSCAPE

Here’s another place to add to your list of interesting things-to-do in New York City: SPYSCAPE, a new spy museum, is coming to Midtown this February. The museum will feature rare and authentic artifacts that intelligence officers use, including some that have never been seen before.

The brainchild of architect, David Adjaye, SPYSCAPE will provide an immersive experience for visitors by chronicling the history of secret intelligence, from the old espionage techniques to modern day hacking.

Visitors can “unleash their inner spy” through an aptitude profiling system, developed with the help of the former Head of Training at British Intelligence. Museum goers will have the opportunity to test their IQ in coding-making stations, as well as their EQ (emotional intelligence) in interrogation booths. They can even learn various skills, including observation techniques and how to detect when someone is lying.

Photo by Scott Frances courtesy SPYSCAPE

Visitors will learn from the best as several advisors for intelligence agencies have even helped to develop the exhibits. “SPYSCAPE provides a wonderfully creative, interactive, and stimulating experience that imparts tremendous insights into the conduct of spy craft and intelligence operations—as well as the paradoxes involved in such operations,” said retired U.S. Army General David A. Petraeus, who was also former Director for the CIA.

The British-based private investment group, Archimedia, developed the idea behind the 60,000 square-foot space after noting how the demand for the museum was high. “The substantial global interest in all forms of espionage” would provide a lucrative market to fill, said the museum’s Chief of Staff Shelby Prichard. With smoked glazed doors, black linoleum and dark gray paneling, the design of the museum itself references that of significant spy organizations, and will be comprised of a series of pavilions that house exhibition spaces around seven spy-themes.

The museum will be located at 55th Street and Eighth Avenue. To reserve a ticket, check out the website here.

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