We spotted this hidden Starbucks located nearby the Untapped Cities’ offices at Chelsea’s Starrett Le-high building. Housed inside an industrial, modern edifice, it’s fooled us on more than one occasion: “The first time I walked past it, I honestly thought it was a normal cafe and not a Starbucks,” our managing editor said about the space, which is much more spacious than your run-of-the-mill Starbucks.

Yelp user June S. sums up the outpost perfectly (26th between 10th and 11th) when she writes that it has an “art gallery feel.” Paintings decorate the walls, large windows allow natural light to flow in and the middle of the floor is arranged in a living room setting, complete with comfy seats and a couch. Given the diverse collection of galleries scattered along Chelsea, it’s no surprise that this Starbucks would go incognito as a sleek, stylish cafe.

In addition to its hip interior and exterior, this specific location offers tastings of its “reserve” coffee at specific times, and tends to be a lot less crowded in general. The High Line is also just a stone’s throw away, so make sure to stop by for a brew if you’re in the neighborhood. Reviewers have called it one of the best (and most aesthetically pleasing) locations in the city!

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