We previously covered Pearl Street, where George Washington gave his farewell address in 1783, in our roundup of Presidential Haunts in New York City. But did you know Fraunces Tavern is also home to one of George Washington’s teeth and a lock of his hair? Washington had one tooth left when he was sworn in as the first President of the United States, and this solitary tooth was holding together a set of dentures made of cow’s tooth, gold, Washington’s teeth and ivory of a hippopotamus.  (Contrary to a popular misconception that he had wooden dentures).

The first floor of Fraunces Tavern remains a tavern and restaurant, and the second floor is a museum full of Revolutionary War relics including a lock of George Washington’s hair and a piece of his coffin! The building also served as an office for the ministers of war, finance and foreign affairs when New York became the capital of the new United States. While the tavern is often claimed as the oldest building in Manhattan, it is unclear if any of the building is actually original. Incredibly, in 1907, the owners wanted to destroy the place and build a parking lot instead.

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