Bluestockings Bookstore in NYC
Bluestockings bookstore

Even though it might seem as if independent bookshops are becoming increasingly few and far between, New York City still is home to some of the most unique bookstores for every type of reader. Independent thematic bookshops not only offer rare, specialty books, but they also provide patrons with a wealth of information on all sorts of unique topics. In this list, we highlight 10 of the most quirky themed bookstores in NYC which sell everything from cookbooks to graphic novels:

1. Namaste Bookshop

Namaste Bookshop, Quirky Bookshops nyc

Namaste Bookshop on 2 W 14th Street in Union Square also caters to those interested in spirituality. It offers books on a wide variety of topics, including Buddhism, Western and Eastern Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation, Wicca, and Reiki.

In addition to the book selection, Namaste Bookshop is also popular for its wide variety of world music CDs, boasting a rare selection that it claims to be available only at its location. Additionally, it hosts a monthly bookclub, Namaste’s Spiritual Book Club, where people gather to discuss a selected book of the month. For those who wish to learn more about spirituality, the bookshop has a daily schedule of practitioners who come in to teach guests about psychics, tarot, astrology, reiki, and more.