The Grange is believed to be the only home ever owned by founding father Alexander Hamilton. After being uprooted and relocated twice, once in 1889 and again in 2008, the house now sits in St. Nicholas Park, in the historic Hamilton Heights section of Harlem, on land that Hamilton owned in the early 1800s. Alexander Hamilton lived at The Grange until his death by the hand of Aaron Burr in 1804.

The federalist style structure, built in 1802, was designed by architect John McComb, Jr. who also designed other famous New York City buildings such as Gracie Mansion and Castle Clinton. “Grange” refers to an ancestral home and was chosen as a name by Hamilton in respect to his father’s homestead in Scotland. Hamilton Grange, once a foreclosed property, a chapel and an investment piece, is now a National Memorial to one of America’s most revered founders. Inside the home, which is run by the National Park Service, visitors will find historically furnished rooms that represent what life in the 19th century was like for the Hamilton family at the Grange. There is also a theater which shows a film about Hamilton’s life.

If you are or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can join our free private tour of the home on August 3rd at 11:00am!

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On ranger guided tours, guests are granted access to the historically restored and furnished rooms of the second floor. This space is where the Hamiltons had their dining room and parlor and where they received guests. The rooms are full of artifacts and furnishings from the 1800s including many items original to the home.