18. ‘Saecula Saeculorum’ Sculpture on the Roosevelt Island Art Trail

Photo courtesy of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

In a commitment to making their island an Island of Art, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation and the Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association came together to form a plan for creating a two-mile-long “art trail” from the north to the south of the 157-acre island for both residents and visitors to enjoy.
Installations at FDR Four Freedoms Park at the south end of the island have begun to form the trail, and earlier this summer, the newest stop on the trail- the Good Shepherd Plaza Sculpture Plinth- opened to the public. The plinth’s inaugural sculpture is Michael Poast’s Saecula Saeculorum, named after the Latin phrase for “without end’ in reference to the fact that the sculpture will continue to evolve over time from the effects of weather and time.