2. There is Tiffany Woodwork in the Collector’s Office

If you haven’t already been impressed by the entranceway and rotunda, the most elaborate room in the museum might do the trick. The collector’s office has many notable features including a gilded coffered ceiling, carved stone fireplace and murals by Elmer Ellsworth Garnsey. One of the most special features however is the oak panelling designed by Cass Gilbert and carved by Tiffany Studios. Before his foray into glass, which would come to adorn many iconic New York City locations, Louis Comfort Tiffany had a woodworking studio in Brooklyn.

This spectacular space has appeared on screen in movies like Ghostbusters, Black Swan, and Working GirlWhile impressive in its design, this fancy office was mostly for show. The collector did the real work at a less extravagant office nearby, accessed via a door and short hallway.