On September 27th, starting at 9:30 AM, join us for a special ride on the John J. Harvey Fireboat that will give you a stunning vantage point of the New York City skyline. We will be covering about 75% of the Manhattan coastline, leaving from the fireboat’s berth at Pier 66 in Hudson River Park and going all the way up to the Bronx via the East River. There forty spots on the boat available for Untapped Cities Insiders who have been invited to attend for free as guests of the boat owner, along with students from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) who are studying a site in the South Bronx.

The John J. Harvey Fireboat has become a celebrated fixture on New York City’s waterways. Built at Todd’s Shipbuilding Plant in Gowanus Bay, and launched in 1931, the John J. Harvey served the City of New York and New York Harbor until 1994, when it was retired. When built, she was considered the largest and most powerful fireboat ever built, with the ability to pump 18,000 gallons of water a minute. In her active years, she assisted in numerous famous accidents, including the Cunard Line pier fire in 1932, the burning of the Normandie in 1942.

Harvey assisted during such notable fires as the Cunard Line pier fire in 1932, the burning of the S.S. Normandie in 1942, and the fire of the ammunition ship El Estero, which had been filled with ammunition during World War II at Caven Point, off Jersey City. After retirement, she was moved to a scrapyard, and later saved by dedicated volunteers. The group has grown, but still keeps the ship operating today as a museum and educational center.

The John J. Harvey went back into operation during 9/11, when four of its crew met spontaneously at the boat and took it down to the World Trade Center area to offer assistance, evacuating over 150 people north to Pier 40. It was then put back into service by the FDNY as Marine Company Two, serving to pump water alongside other FDNY firegboats, the Fire Fighter and John D. McKean for 80 hours until the water mains in lower Manhattan were restored. Its actions during the attacks was teh subject of the book

For much of the last year, the John J. Harvey was painted in a red and white DAZZLE camouflage pattern, a work of art by Tauba Auerbach for the Public Art Fund. The fireboat went into the shipyard for a fresh coat of red paint in August, so you’ll be seeing it as close to its original glory as possible! Architect and historic preservationist Huntley Gill, who graduated from Columbia GSAPP and was one of the four on the 9/11 crew, is the founder and trustee for the organization created to save the John J. Harvey. He will be captaining the John. J Harvey during our trip.

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REGISTRATION: Opens Friday, September 13th, 2019 at 12PM EST

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