If you live in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, chances are you’ve seen this silver spaceship tank/UFO/car parked or driving around. It’s been around since 2016 though no signage has helped bewildered passerby understand its presence or purpose in the intervening years. Well, it’s the creation of Brooklyn entrepreneur and dad Charles Walters who explained with some humor in his eye in a video with NBC New York that the Chevrolet Blazer is clad in stainless steel, which “in theory could protect us as we re-enter the earth’s atmosphere especially designed for a time-warp disturbance somewhere above Brooklyn.” He also told NBC, “What’s life about if you can’t have fun and freak people out?” It also has Montana plates — perhaps where more UFOs can be found?

Walters is not just interested in space travel out of our atmosphere. As the co-owner of Williamsburg Pizza (also known as Brooklyn Pizza Crew or Williamsburg Pizza Crew), he tested out pizza delivery by drone which turned out to be cost-prohibitive but the Drone Pizza Delivery Base Package for $59 is still listed on the website. You would have gotten an appetizer size pie by drone, and a large pie by “pedestrian delivery.” Also included was “a digital video of the delivery for you to share with your grandchildren as you brag about being one of the first in the world to receive a Drone Pizza Delivery.” Our office is just nearby in Crown Heights and we love Brooklyn Pizza Crew, which has a location in the neighborhood, so we’ve seen this silver spaceship on many occasions.

Keep your eye out of the spaceship tank car coming by you!

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