We were excited to see the return of the “MTA Museum,” a guerrilla Instagram account which hit the prime time just about a year ago for turning the grossest parts of the New York City subway station into art pieces. Now, inspired by the hysteria that accompanies any exhibition by Yayoi Kusama (such as the newest Infinity Room at the David Zwirner gallery),

A story on the MTA Museum’s Instagram profile highlights the five hour wait being reported to visit the Infinity Room, adding “So we made it a bit easy. Introducing Yayoi Kusama: Subway Edition.” The piece “Accidental Yayoi” utilizes a yellow safety line, so begrimed it makes a polka dot pattern.

Accidental Yayoi from MTA Museum, green subway columnAll photos courtesy MTA Museum

A second piece of the same title is on a forest green subway column, appropriating the steel rivets as polka dots. The two pieces are located at two different stops along the A/C/E line near the David Zwirner gallery, though we doubt they will last long in the subway system. The “artwork” is made of “Paint, Mucus, Saliva, Steel and Concrete,” and the curator card reads: “This permanent structure celebrates Yayoi Kusama’s obsession with polka-dots throughout her prolific career. New Yorker’s bodily secretions layered on the piece embodies the frustration and fury of those who endured the dreadful long line to see Yayoi’s NYC Exhibition.”

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Header image courtesy MTA Museum