If you know us well, you might recall we have a little obsession with wrong-sized objects — give us something too big or too small, and we will be there to check it out. Combine that with world record attempts and you’ve really got our attention. Our last documentation of an event of this kind was the creation of the world’s largest salmon lox bagel by Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Today, a Flatiron sushi shop called ROLLN created the world’s largest nigiri sushi.

The piece of salmon sushi at ROLLN came out to 70 pounds. Owners David Tam and Gavin Tseng hail from Australia and are celebrating the one year anniversary of ROLLN. Tam tells us, “We wanted to do something fun that is in line with what we do, which is make sushi. This came to mind as something crazy but we thought, I think we can actually do this, let’s give it a shot. It turned out really well.”World's largest nigiri sushi at ROLLNPhoto by Aley Longo

Giant sushi is a actually thing in Japan and you can watch a video of Hiromu Inagaki, who offers an 11-pound sushi (and two other options) at his restaurant, Umewaka in Anjo City. Open since 1975, Umewaka serves both the largest and smallest sushis offered in Japan. The whimsical menu item was the result of a challenge from a drunk customer, reports Great Big City in its video about Inagaki.

ROLLN focuses predominantly on hand rolls, using sustainably-sourced seafood and home-made sauces. A few sashimi dishes are also on the menu. Everything is made fresh each day. You may find some alternative options on the menu, like a Braised Pork Roll, a Cheeseburger Roll, among the classics. They even offer quinoa as a substitute for rice, if you want. 

It’s hard for giant food to look delectable, but cut into small pieces, it’s manageable, From now through the rest of the day, ROLLN is giving out individual pieces of the world’s largest nigiri sushi, so stop on by!

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All photos by Aley Longo unless otherwise indicated.