Commuting in Corona Times Map
Artist Kera Till is the originator of the metro map, “Commuting in Corona Times,” which she has subsequently created in German and French. It takes the essential signifiers of a metro map (the circle, the colored lines) and uses the new patterns of commute within our homes, thanks to our collective isolation due to coronavirus. First posted four days ago, we’re already seeing it become “meme” with DIY versions appear in the NUMTOT Facebook group.
We asked Till about the inspiration for this map and if it represented her own apartment (she is half French, half German and based in Munich). She told us “No, it is a bit random. But I kept on thinking what could I do. I thought of stations in the apartment, of landmarks…traveling while staying at home…suddenly I had this idea.”
Till recently began a partnership with the Grand Palais in Paris to create a new illustration for their Instagram each month and is a regular contributor to VOGUE. You can get some of her prints in her online shop, which include scenes from New York, calendars, cards and more. Follow Kera Till on her Instagram and see more at her website.
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