Tonight, New Yorkers are joining each other to sing Frank Sinatra’s famous song, “Theme from New York, New York” after the daily “Clap Because We Care” for healthcare workers. These are the moments New Yorkers have been looking forward to in the now over-month-long isolation for coronavirus. Tonight’s launch event was a project of the Peace of Heart Choir, which was founded just after 9/11 and brings music to communities in need like nursing homes, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and more. The group streamed the event live on its Facebook page and partnered with WKCR (89.9FM) or WBAI (99.5) for the livestream.

People were checking in from all across New York City, but also all around the country and the world. The host, Gary Baker, asked everyone to clap at 7 and then join in on the song.

Here is Untapped New York tour guide and writer Christa Rose, singing with her dog, Phin. She writes, “We love New York and we sang along with Frank and our whole city at 7:02 to show it. (Please note that I am NOT a singer but Phin is an excellent dancer.) We hope this makes you laugh.”


Frank SInatra New York New York singalong

And check out a video of the clapping at 7 PM in Brooklyn this evening:

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