Runway Rink at TWA Hotel
TWA Hotel’s Roll-a-Rama. Photo courtesy TWA Hotel

Memorial Day is one of the United States’ most sacred holidays, honoring the lives of the country’s fallen soldiers. For decades, the holiday has traditionally been celebrated on the beach with barbecues and fireworks displays to end the night. Over the holiday, New Yorkers can be found attending one of the city’s many parades or even taking part in Fleet Week—an annual celebration of the city’s sea services. However, if you are looking for some more interesting ways to spend the holiday, here are 10 fun activities to do this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

1. Feel The Rush Of Adrenaline At Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park

coney island wonder wheel
Deno’s Wonder Wheel

Amusement parks have long played a staple role in New York City’s summer entertainment experience. One hallmark of the city’s premier amusement park Coney Island is Deno’s Wonder Wheel, invented by Charles Hermann and constructed in 1920 by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company. At 150 feet tall, the wonder wheel holds 24 cars and has a total rider capacity of 144 people. Designed around the time of the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu pandemic, the wonder wheel’s cars made for the perfect socially distanced ride. Nowadays, in the age of COVID-19, guests can once again ride the wonder wheel and keep a safe distance from those around them. 

This year is the Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park’s 100th season anniversary. Starting this Memorial Day Weekend, the park will be open seven days a week starting at 11 a.m. Admissions to the park is free but reservations are necessary and can be booked online. A limited standby line for entrance will also be available. Tickets for rides and games can be purchased online in advance or in the park.