SuperReal, an immersive digital art show which dazzled audiences since 2019 with mind-bending visuals projected on the interior of the landmarked Cunard Building, is back! The imaginative team at Moment Factory has once again teamed up with Cipriani to bring back the stunning interactive show. Once again, starting on June 16th for a limited time, the 12,000 square foot Great Hall of the Cunard Building at 25 Broadway will be transformed. The latest run of SuperReal also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Cunard Building and Untapped New York Insiders have been invited to experience the event for free during the first week! Get your first month of Insiders membership free using code JOINUS!

SuperReal at Cipriani 25 Broadway
Image Courtesy of Moment Factory

The Great Hall was once the ticketing lobby for the Cunard cruise line. The walls and 30-foot vaulted ceiling are adorned with nautical ornamentation from painted maps to sculpted sea creatures. In order to transform the space, these architectural features have been digitally scanned and projection-mapped in 360° using pixel-precise technology. Half of the 12,000 square feet space features mirrored flooring that reflects vaulted ceiling above to completely envelope guests in the experience.

Fish digitally projected inside the Cunard Building for the immersive show SuperReal
Image Courtesy of Moment Factory

The entire show takes place over forty-five minutes with five unique dreamlike sequences, each with its own narrative. Visitors are invited to explore, play, relax, and take photos and videos of the stunning visuals. The show “blurs the lines between the physical and the digital, illusion and reality,” combining the historic architectural features with new layers of technology. Witness the space transform from a vast, imposing structure to a playful and interactive feast for the senses.

Purple images projected onto the Cunard Building in the immersive show SuperReal
Image Courtesy of Moment Factory

“We are thrilled that our partnership with Moment Factory is returning to this beautiful New York City landmark just as the city begins to reopen,” said Giuseppe Cipriani. “SuperReal brings together the best in art, technology and hospitality that New York has to offer, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back.”

SuperReal will be on display starting June 16th to June 24th. Tickets are $35 for adults, but if you are an Untapped New York Insider, you can get free general admission tickets to the show in its first week from June 16th to 24th. Become a member today and get your first month of Insiders membership free using code JOINUS!

A rainbow colored image is projected onto the interior of the Cunard Building

Experience SuperReal

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