9. The original Stonewall Inn closed shortly after the riot

Stonewall Inn
The Stonewall Inn returned in 1991.

The Stonewall Inn closed shortly following the riots. Although the closing was only loosely related to the riots, it would be years until the LGTBQ+ could safely let loose in their sacred place. Until 1990, venue owners occupied the space, including a bagel shop, a Chinese restaurant, and a clothing store.

In 1990, a new bar opened in the space called New Jimmy’s at Stonewall Place. Following a year of business, the owner changed the name to Stonewall Inn. Since the name change, the Stonewall legacy has lived on. On June 24, The Stonewall Inn will unveil the National LGBTQ Wall of Honor that will honor the “pioneers, trailblazers, and heroes” of the community.