6. Riverside Church is the tallest church in America

Riverside Church in Manhattan

Riverside Church is the tallest church in the United States and the 24th tallest in the world, standing at 392 feet tall. The 22-story bell tower is modeled after a tower at Laon Cathedral in France, except with a base of 100 feet. The structure of Riverside Church is supported by steel frames like Midtown’s office buildings. Tours of the tower offer panoramic views of the Hudson River and upper Manhattan.

The church also had the largest carillon of bells in the world when it was first constructed, and the carillon was donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (who helped build the church) in memory of his mother. Other large features include the 14th largest organ in the world and numerous statues of scientists. The church also used to have a bowling alley in its basement.