4. There are cracks in Federal Hall

Federal Hall exterior

The Neoclassical Federal Hall, right next to the New York Stock Exchange, is one of the Financial District’s most historic sites, so it’s a bit shocking to see that there are large cracks in both its exterior facade and in the interiors. After all, Federal Hall witnessed George Washington take his oath of office when he was inaugurated the first president of the United States. At the time, New York City — not Washington D.C. — was the nation’s capital and Federal Hall was the seat of federal government.

But centuries of wear and tear began to take effect on the building, creating small cracks that were significantly worsened by the seismic shocks that reverberated throughout lower Manhattan on 9/11. A 2004 assessment found significant structural defects in the building, including an empty void of air instead of soil beneath one column. A two-year, $16 million rehabilitation project stabilized Federal Hall and additional restorations were completed in 2015. You can still see the cracks, though.