3. The neighborhood is also a Little Georgia, Little Uzbekistan, Little Turkey, and Little Xinjiang


Brighton Beach’s nickname of “Little Odessa” has certainly stuck over the years, since many Russian and Ukrainian restaurants and shops are still bustling. Taste of Russia, for instance, is a very popular market with tons of hot food options, baked goods, and a large selection of packaged foods. But the area has much more diversity than just Russian and Ukrainian influences: there are many shops owned and operated by Georgian, Uzbek, Turkish, and Uyghur migrants.

cafe kashkar

Shops like Little Georgia and Berikoni Georgian Bakery serve fresh khachapuri, breads, khinkhali dumplings, cold salads, meats, and desserts for cheap. Güllüoglu Baklava and Beyti Turkish Kebab offer a taste of Turkish cooking, while Kashkar Cafe serves up traditional Uyghur food from northwest China. Home Made Cooking Cafe is one of the neighborhood’s most popular Uzbek options, with dishes like samsa and plov at the forefront. Tashkent Supermarket, named after Uzbekistan’s capital, is one of the most popular stores in the whole area, with tables of hot food options serving dozens of Central Asian dishes.