Jessie’s Nutty Cups: Virginia Peanuts & Belgian Chocolate Combined in BK

Jessica Taige, Founder, Jessie’s Nutty Cups.

Even though peanuts are legumes rather than nuts as they grow in the ground, peanuts are the top snack nut in the United States, capturing two-thirds of the market. Peanut butter, thought to have been invented by the Aztecs some 3500 years ago, is an ancient American product that is now at an all-time high in United States consumption.

As a peanut lover herself Jessica Taige, an actor and singer with Broadway ambitions, spontaneously made batches of Reese-like peanut-butter cups for a 2014 farewell party celebrating her roommate’s major out-of-town gig. The cups were such a sensational success that Taige pondered improving the recipe, substituting the best-available chocolate, and retailing the cups as a business.

While supporting herself with restaurant jobs and getting advice and inspiration from Brooklyn’s entrepreneurial food community, she spent two years planning her business and experimenting with recipes. With the help of a FedEx Small Business Grant, she was able to hire and train an employee to oversee all aspects of production in 2021. The result: Jessie’s Nutty Cups, which offers ten flavors, including the Original, the highly urbane Dark Sea Salt Cup, the over-the-top Nutty Rocky Road Cup, and the sublime Choco-Hazelnutty Cup. When asked if life is worth living without chocolate and peanut butter, Jessie’s answer is: “Errrrrrr….NO!”

Jessie’s Nutty Cups are sold across the country, but in New York are available at Agata & Valentina, Chelsea Market Baskets, Murray’s Cheese Shop, and many others.