2. Cats of the Algonquin Hotel

Hamlet the Algonquin cat
Hamlet, the current Algonquin Hotel cat

No list of famous NYC’s famous animals would be complete without the cats of the Algonquin Hotel. The hotel is now on it’s twelfth resident cat. There have been 8 Hamlets and 3 Matildas, along with a Billy (the first cat) and a Rusty (who was renamed Hamlet by Algonquin resident John Barrymore). Matilda III was the first social media star of the group. The beloved, long-haired cat who Untapped New York got to “interview” in 2013 had dedicated social media accounts, screentime on international television, and she received emails from human fans (which she would answer). Fans would even stop by to visit her in person and bring gifts. Sadly, Matilda passed away on October 21, 2017 after seven years at the Algonquin.

Today, Matilda’s post is occupied by Hamlet VIII, an orange tabby. Untapped New York “interviewed” Hamlet in 2018 and got to see his two tree houses. Hamlet, a stray found on Long Island can usually be found lounging around the check-in counter.