2. How Tall is the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree?

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This year, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is 80 feet tall and 43 feet in diameter, weighing about 12 tons. This makes it slightly smaller than the 2022 tree. The largest tree to grace the plaza came in 1999. The record-setting came tree from Killingworth, Connecticut, and was 100 feet tall. The tree this year is a Norway Spruce from Vestal, New York.

Head gardener at Rockefeller Center Erik Pauze scouts out potential trees every year and has been doing so for the past three decades. Pauze told The Center Magazine that the process for picking the tree is “somewhat different every year. Typically, the timeline is that all year, almost every day, I’m thinking about this year’s Tree, next year’s Tree, and maybe the Tree after that.” Pauze is constantly on the lookout for “a nice full tree. Something that’s going to look great in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.”