7. The Ball’s 2,688 crystals are cut with special designs

Times Square New Year's Eve Ball drop close up of a crystal
Gift of Happiness Design from 2021, Image Courtesy of Countdown Entertainment

Every year, 192 of the New Year’s Eve ball’s 2,688 triangular crystal panels are replaced. This is because each year, The House of Waterford Crystal creates a special design that symbolizes “a theme of global aspiration whose value is universally treasured.” The tradition began in 2014 and will continue into 2023. The first theme was the “Gift of Imagination,” which featured a design of intricate wedge cuts that created a kaleidoscope effect.

For 2023, the theme is the “Gift of Love.” The new design features a circle of overlapping and intertwined hearts. The new design will sit among designs of years past, including the Gift of Happiness, Gift of Goodwill, and Gift of Harmony. The remaining 1,152 triangles are the Gift of Imagination design, a series of intricate wedge cuts that are mirrored reflections of each other.