7. 34th Street

A silhouette against the sunset

Moving further uptown, 34th Street is a classic spot to catch views of this iconic sunse. What makes it even better is that from here, the Empire State Building will be standing tall and ready for its photoshoot. We recommend heading as far east as you can toward FDR Drive.

8. 42nd Street

Manhattanhenge from 42nd Street

At 42nd Street, you will have a great view of the setting sun between buildings, and you also get the added bonus of having the Chrysler Building in the background. For this reason, it’s one of the most popular spots to watch from, While the Tutor City Overpass has fantastic views, it becomes easily chaotic with crowds of photographers trying to capture their best shots of the sun. Therefore, we think it’s a safer bet to stay on the sidewalk and take it all in from ground level with more room to breathe.