2. Livingston Manor

Livingston Manor, Catskill Mountains
Photo by Darren McGee, Courtesy of New York State Department of Economic Development

Livingston Manor, located just southeast of Roscoe, is slightly bigger than its neighbor. Considered the birthplace of flyfishing, there are many creeks and streams where one can enjoy the peace and quiet of casting a line and feeling the breeze on their face. The most famous creek is Willowemoc, supposedly where the sport began. There is even a museum dedicated to the history of the sport, the Catskill Fly Fishing Center. The Center is located on a 53-acre campus that features a Welcome Center, the museum, the Wulff Gallery which displays the works of Lee and Joan Wulff, the Heritage Craft Center which features a fully operational bamboo rod-making shop, a covered pavilion, casting fields, a pond, a trail system, and river access.

Like Roscoe, “The Manor” (as it’s known locally) is a walker’s paradise with many spots springing up that are worthy of a trek. The Kaatskeller is a hip local restaurant with lots of outdoor garden seating, live music, and a funky upstairs lounge.

The nearby Upward Brewing Company is another place where you can sit back and relax away from the confines of the city. This scenic brewery is tucked amongst the mountains and visitors can enjoy a beer, grab a bar bite, sit outside on their large sunny lawn overlooking a lake, or even go for a quick hike up Beer Mountain. The long list of relaxing activities makes this an ideal place to visit with family or a group of friends. 

The town also has a variety of BBQ eateries to check out including (but not limited to) Van Smokey Meat Shop and The Smoke Joint where travelers can check out some Catskill grilling. Two spots to stay for those looking for that cozy yet chic vibe include The Arnold House and The DeBruce. Both are owned by the same family, and guests staying at either of these places will experience peaceful mountain luxury both on a culinary and comfort level.