6. The Swiss Chalet, 100 Rugby Rd

100 Rugby Road Swiss Chalet

This charming home on Rugby Road made the news in 2014 for its record-breaking sale price of $2.1 million. Since then, many lavish homes in the area have bested that record. The picturesque chalets of Switzerland inspired its design by John J. Petit who adapted the rustic style of homes usually found in mountainous regions to the urban environment of Brooklyn.

As noted in the Landmark Preservation Commission’s designation report for Prospect Park South, Petit gave 100 Rugby a symmetrical silhouette, whereas Swiss chalets are traditionally asymmetrical. He also added features such as diamond-paned windows, rectangular bays, and a pitched-roof porch so that the home would share common design elements with its neighbors. Now painted a crisp white with light blue trim, the home was originally painted with dark colors.