8. South Cover Pays Homage to the Neighborhood’s Past

  • South Cove at Battery Park City
  • South Cove

South Cove, near the southern end of Battery Park City, is designed to pay homage to the area’s maritime history. Completed in 1987, the design of South Cove was a collaboration between the architects Susan Child and Douglas Reed of Child Associates, Stan Eckstut of Cooper Robertson Eckstut, and environmental artist Mary Miss. Spread across 3.5 acres, the multi-level site features a forested hillside planted with honey locusts and other plants that occur naturally on the Northeastern seaside, a waterfront esplanade, and a cast iron lookout with a curving shape meant to evoke the crown of the Statue of Liberty which can be viewed from the lookout. Placed atop a row of wooden lampposts are a series of blue ship’s lights that harken to Battery Park City’s history as a bustling port.