Bonus: Brazenhead Books

Brazenhead books, one of the lost hidden bookstores in NYC

The award for perhaps New York’s most secret bookstore surely goes to Brazenhead Books, the apartment filled top-to-bottom with books that earned its title as a New York City legend. Located on the Upper East Side, Brazenhead was only available by appointment, but owner Michael Seidenberg, who was single-handedly responsible for the care and keeping of the space, was always open to giving interested visitors a look around. Because of his persistence and dedication, the hidden bookstore in NYC survived a move, and continued to grow and thrive afterwards. Sadly, Mr. Seidenberg passed away in 2019. He will be fondly remembered by book buffs and New York nerds alike, and for his passion that earned Brazenhead a place in what might be called New York folklore.

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