8. J.P. Morgan’s Library, 225 Madison Ave.

  • Morgan Library

J.P. Morgan’s Gilded Age home was made up of multiple buildings which were once part of the grand Phelps, Stokes, and Dodge estates. Morgan’s home at 219 Madison Avenue, the southernmost brownstone, was demolished in 1928 to make way for the Annex of the Morgan Library & Museum. The central brownstone Morgan demolished to make way for a garden and the northernmost brownstone, the sole survivor, was occupied by his son, Jack. While Morgan’s mansion no longer exists, his gran library does. Designed by Charles McKim, the building constructed to house Morgan’s extensive art and book collection is modeled after the palazzos of Italy. Today, you can go inside and admire the library, the marble-clad rotunda, Morgan’s private study, and the former office of his personal librarian Belle da Costa which is now a gallery. Jack’s opulent townhouse is also part of the library and museum.