3. Porto Rico Roasting Co., 201 Bleecker St.

  • The outside of Porto Rico, a Greenwich Village coffee shop
  • Sacks of coffee inside Porto Rico

Another coffee supply store and place where you can get a freshly brewed cup today is Porto Rico, opened by Patsy Albanese in 1907 on Bleecker Street. The original shop was located just across the street from the current location but moved to 201 when the company was sold to the Longo family in 1958. The Longo family has now run and lived above the shop for three generations as the company has expanded to multiple locations across the city. Inside the historic building, coffee beans are displayed in giant open sacks and loose-leaf teas line the walls in rows of handmade shelving. While the company bears a name that is the Italian spelling of Puerto Rico, a popular source of coffee when the company was founded in the early 20th century, the coffee sold here now hails from countries all over the world from Burundi and Kenya to Indonesia, and Brazil.